Wider view angles

IPS displays

In-Plane-Switching (IPS) displays gives accurate colours from all viewing angles and unlike TN panels they don’t show tailing when touched.

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IPS displays

KOE 5.7

Key features

  • Latest IPS NEO technology
  • Exceptional colour stability and saturation
  • 176° wide viewing angle

IPS brings much wider view angles compared to TN technology, but generally also backlight bleeding in wider angles. However, this has been further developed and evolved with Advanced-Super IPS, IPS Pro and most recently IPS NEO. IPS NEO has a much higher and more stable image performance over viewing angle than any other TFT technology, minimizing the light leakage and keeping the black colour also in sharp angles. KOE will continue to develop and improve IPS technology in order to provide the best TFT display solutions in the future.


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