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The Hectronic Story

Hectronic is the top Nordic designer and manufacturer of embedded computers, serving medium and large industrial companies worldwide. Our solutions excel in performance, size, and energy efficiency, leading the market in sectors such as Defense, Vehicle, Maritime, Medical, and Telecoms. With a dynamic R&D team based in Uppsala, Sweden, we continuously explore and harness the potential of existing and emerging embedded technologies. In-depth technical in-house control, reusable building blocks, and well-established relations with manufacturers are essential parts of our offer.

While we do have a standard product offering, our primary focus is on using our strong engineering capability to design and manufacture customized solutions, assisting our customers in tailoring their products to specific applications. Hectronic is a part of DiscoverIE Group PLC, Europe’s leading provider of customized industrial electronics. DiscoverIE Group PLC is publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

  • ISO 9001 14001

Advanced Production Process at Hectronic

At Hectronic, our advanced production process is engineered to provide tailored solutions with precision and efficiency. Our expertise in BIOS adaptation ensures that your requirements are met, whether it’s achieving a lightning-fast boot time or implementing security-critical functions independent of operating systems and application software. BIOS is not a constraint at Hectronic; it’s a canvas for innovation.

Technical Mastery for Seamless Production

Unlike others who require high volume orders, we believe thousands are sufficient to spark full custom solutions. We collaborate with trusted manufacturers, guaranteeing quality through extensive partnerships and rigorous testing protocols.

In-House Collaboration for Streamlined Solutions

In-depth interdisciplinary discussions about CPU modules, carrier board layouts, OS drivers, and BIOS possibilities happen seamlessly within our corridors, over lunch, and during coffee breaks. This proximity fosters a collaborative environment that drives creative solutions.

Leveraging Ready-Made Building Blocks

In every project, we delve into our extensive library of pre-tested and verified building blocks. What we find, we refine. CPU modules, carrier boards, and OS drivers are at our fingertips, ready to benefit your project.

Maximizing Advantage for Your Application

Every facet is scrutinized to deliver platforms that offer unparalleled advantages for specific applications. This is our daily commitment – to enhance the competitiveness of your products.


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