Embedded Systems

embedded systems

Our range of embedded systems

H1001: OCC-2/64.4, RJ45

H1002: OCC-2/64.4, DB25

H1003: OCC-2/64.4, RJ45

H1004: OCC-2/19.2, RJ45

H1005: OCC3

H1006: CardOCC

H1007: OCC2-16/64.4, (16 ports)

H1101: PC/2 x RS232, 1 x 100MB  (GWPC)

H1103: Common Control

H1104: Gateway PC (GWPC)

H1105: Assembly with H6033

H1106: GWPC

H1107: GWPC with H6026,  2 x RS232, 1 x 100MB  (GWPC)

H1108: GWPC with H6026 6 x RS232, 3 x 100MB  (GWPC)

H1109: System for image processing

H1113: GWPC, 1GHz ULV Intel Celeron M CPU

H1114: Mini-ITX assembly

H1115: Embedded System

H1116: Embedded System

H1118: Embedded System


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