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This is Hectronic.

Since 1989, Hectronic has maintained the position as the most innovative designer and manufacturer of embedded computer systems in the Nordic region. In terms of performance, size and power consumption, our embedded computer systems are state-of-the-art custom made solutions.

We live and breathe embedded innovations. You find our clients in various industrial contexts worldwide – including Defense, Vehicle, Maritime, Medical, Military and Telecom.

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TelliQ – developing the next generation MCG

TelliQ requested a brand new Mobile Communication Gateway, MCG, that will be used to get IoT machine data from their customers machines to their offices. A system that is able to handle even the most challenging of circumstances.

We answered the call. Hectronic developed a computer that is fast to install, resistant to chemicals, instant movements, hard vibrations and able to communicate deep below ground. The new interface includes better WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G/GSM and GNSS receiver.

We live and breathe embedded innovations.

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