Military Computer - Defence computer


Hectronic develops and delivers embedded computers adapted to the requirements common in Defense applications. Our Computer-On-Modules with conformal coating, soldered memory and storage and components all specified for an industrial temperature range are the perfect for applications in this market.

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Defense and Aerospace applications are required to follow military standards and meet government requirements as well as to operate under challenging environmental conditions. RTCA DO-160 for applications in military and civil aviation as well as Mil-std-810 on how to develop for harsh environments are examples from applicable standards.

Military Computer - Defense computer

Experience from development projects

Hectronic offers solutions with properties to match requirements in the Defense sector and have the experience, the partners and the set-up to develop custom designs.

Experience from custom made development

  • Serial port to Ethernet converter for long range data communication
  • Safety critical system to monitor and control UAV
  • Redesign of processor, memory, storage and BIOS on computer on module
  • Laptop with data and communication protection through Emission security

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