Industrial Automation Computer

Hectronic develops and delivers embedded rugged computers for applications within Industrial Automation. Our solutions portfolio is rich with options for use in Industrial Automation and Power Transmission.

Hectronic have long and proven experience of developing industrial automation computers. Do you have questions about industrial automation computers from Hectronic? Read more below or contact us!

Embedded rugged computers / industrial automation computers for applications in this sector often require specific communication interfaces such as CAN, Ethercat, Profibus, DeviceNet or serial communication. Furthermore the resistance towards water, dust, shock and vibration are a couple of common additional requirements in the industrial automation computers that we deliver. 


Apart from solutions adapted to requirements from industrial automation computers we’ve developed a number of custom rugged systems for use in Industrial Automation.

Experience from custom made development

  • Control system for industrial robotic application
  • System to monitor and control power transmission
  • Rugged CPU module and carrier board for Automatic Guided Vehicles
  • Microprocessor based controller of rack systems with CAN
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