Carrier Boards

carrier board

Our range of carrier boards

H4006: Button board

H4007: Front control board

H4008: PCMCIA board

H4009: Port80 board

H4010: Contact board

H4011: Power filtering board

H4012: COM1/COM2 board

H4013: DC/AC-adapter board

H4014: 1 slot PCMCIA board for cable connection to H4008

H4015: Contact board, H6011 to LCD SHARP LQ5AW116

H4016: Contact board, H6011 HDD – 2mm – standard HD

H4017: Contact board, 2 x PC/104 back plane

H4018: Panel interface for H686/PZ

H4019: Panel link receiver

H4020: PCMCIA board

H4021: Card bus board for H6015

H4022: Expansion board for OCC

H4023: Contact board, H6011 – Floppy/parallel port

H4024: Contact board, H6011 to LCD SHARP LQ10D42

H4025: Adapter board for COM1, COM2 and LPT1 to D-sub for H6009 and H6015

H4026: Adapter board for H7012

H4027: Adapter board for USB and LPT1 to D-sub for H6015

H4028: Adapter board for touch screen, CompactFlash and SHARP LQ64D341 for H6011

H4029: Board for extension of connection to touch screen (Gunze 6.5 inch, 8 pins)

H4030: Multi-function board for MMI5100

H4031: DSP board for IP telephony

H4032: MPEG/3D accelerator

H4033: Contact board H6016 P1,P8 with header for IRDA, COM1,COM2 and USB connections

H4034: Contact board H6016, Bluetooth

H4035: Carrier board

H4036: Contact board for H4035 – Back

H4037: Contact board for H4035 – Front

H4038: Contact board for H4021 – FireWire and Audio

H4039: Contact board H6016 P1, P8 with header for IRDA, USB1&2, COM1,COM2,LPT and Floppy

H4040: Contact board for H7015 (8 pcs 25p DSUB or 8 pcs RJ45)

H4041: Contact board for H6024 serial connection

H4042: Carrier board for H6023, 12V in, miniPCI, serial touch screen

H4043: Contact board for Starter Kit

H4044: Compact Flash adapter board

H4045: Card bus board for H6029

H4046: Panel board, 2 x COM

H4047: Panel board for H6024, 4 x COM

H4048: Panel board for H6024, PC Card shielding

H4050: Carrier board

H4051: Carrier board

H4052: Carrier board

H4053: +5V buffer board for LCD (PC/104)

H4055: Adapter board

H4056: Adapter board

H4059: Carrier board

H4060: PCI carrier board

H4063: Contact board

H4066: Ref to H4301, backplane 2 x PCI, 2 x PISA, 1 x ISA

H4067: Carrier board

H4070: Carrier board

H4073: Carrier board

H4074: Contact board

H4075: Carrier board

H4076: WAN filter board

H4077: Indicator board

H4078: LAN filter board

H4079: 2xUSB board for H6026

H4080: Adapter board for SHARP LQ038Q5DR01 to H6026

H4081: Adapter board for SHARP LQ057Q3DC12 to H6026

H4082: Voltage regulator, 12V to 5V, DC/AC inverter

H4087: LVDS driver board

H4092: Carrier board

H4093: Carrier board

H4095: RJ45 board for H6044

H4100: Accelerometer board

H4101: 32KHZ RTC driver board for H6029


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