I/O Boards

i/o boards

Our range of I/O boards

H7002: OCC2, 16Mhz V40 256 Kbytes DRAM

H7006: 2 x serial ports, 1 x parallell port, CAN

H7007: GPS I/O

H7008: 2 x serial ports, RC5, IRDA, analogue video

H7009: 10 A/D inputs, 5 x TTL outputs, push button pulse knob interface

H7010: Serial-serial communication via opto coupler

H7011: Serial-serial communication, V11 to V28 conversion

H7012: Ethernet 10BaseT, 4 x serial ports, PC/104

H7013: 2 x 100Mbit Ethernet, SCSI, FPGA, Compact PCI

H7014: Ethernet 10BaseT for H6016, PCI connector

H7015: OCC

H7016: Ethernet 10BaseT, 4 x serial ports, PC/104, CAN

H7017: Keyboard controller

H7018: Net-OCC

H7019: Fibre port

H7020: CARDBUS board with OCC functionality

H7021: RJ45 board for Net-OCC

H7024: WAN module

H7025: Ethernet switch

H7028: Ethernet switch for OCC

H7199: Network board


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