Technical Support

Hectronic offers technical support from the office in Uppsala, Sweden. In some cases the product will need to be returned to Hectronic through the RMA procedure. In order to first rule out known problems and their solutions the first step is always to contact Hectronic through our online support request form. To receive technical support click on the button below to use the web based functionality to send a request to the Hectronic support team.

Returning the product – RMA procedure

Your primary action is always to send Hectronic a Support request form according to the above instructions. If return of the product is needed Hectronic will send you an RMA document (Document name: SUPPORT – RMA) for you to send along with the product in the package. Send the product with the RMA document to the address specified.

Please always mark the package with the RMA number. As part of the RMA procedure the product will be returned together with information about product defects, actions and improvements when the support case is closed.

Contact information

Contacts with Hectronic regarding support issues are made by telephone or E-mail:
Telephone: +46 18 66 07 00


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