Newsletter November 2022

Stefan Lîf

Embedded Workout

”Give me fifteen minutes of your time and you’ll get a new body” was a slogan used by a fitness guru, long before physical training became popular, in the nineteeneighties.

At that time the use of embedded computer solutions also took off and Hectronic embedded gurus has since then supported customers worldwide with knowledge for how to keep your embedded innovation fit through the decades.


Give me three minutes of your time for this quarterly newsletter and I promise you’ll get your embedded workout.


Happy reading!

Stefan Löf

Managing Director

emc 11_edited

The EMC Chamber

– Our latest addition

Before a new product is ready to go into production and before market introduction, it needs go through extensive testing to ensure that it meets the CE and FCC standards required by the customer. The necessary testing can be both time consuming and expensive, especially if additional tests are needed.

But these are just some of the reasons to why we are so glad for the new addition in our lab – our very own EMC chamber.

But what exactly is an EMC chamber and how does this benefit our development process and our customers?

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Custom DIsplays

Over the years Hectronic has developed a wide range of custom display solutions for a wide range of customers and industries. Everything from vehicle and medical, all with different standards and requirements. Here you can read more about how Hectronic works with displays and how we can help you navigate the endless options available today.

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Project Update

We have recently finished an interesting project with a Swedish maritime company. We were assigned to update and replace a current PLC-solution and the result is a IP56 classified engine controller with a unique design. Click here to read more about the project and closer look at the technical details.

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