Custom displays – endless possibilities

Custom displays – endless possibilities

Over the years Hectronic has developed a wide range of custom display solutions for a wide range of customers and industries. Everything from vehicle and medical, all with different standards and requirements. There are a lot of different options and choices to be made to find the right solution for each project. Here you can read more about how Hectronic works with displays and how we can help you navigate the endless options available today.


It’s all about a physical HMI. The TFT-glass with its contrast, pixel resolution and viewing angles. The backlight behind generating enough brightness with reasonable heat. The touch-sensor with its x- and y scanlines being as transmissive and sensitive as possible. The cover glass giving surface protection but also reducing light reflections. And then finally the different bonding methods and materials binding the whole display together, at the right price and quality, available as many years as possible.

H1171 Rendering(4)

In the details you also find challenges. Like for example zero bright dot defects or the EMI noise from the TFT and power lines disturbing the touch sensor. This is partly taken care of by sophisticated touch-FW and double-sided EMI-protected flex cables. For a marine application we made a custom touch with AG treated tempered cover glass and combined it with a high brightness TFT from Japan possible to buy for at least 5 years. We partnered up with factories in Taiwan developing their own touch, backlights and full optical bonding in volumes starting from 300pcs and up. During the past years we developed many products with custom display solutions. It doesn’t take us more than a few days to start up a new display with cables, graphics, and a convenient interface for test & evaluation.

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