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Before a new product is ready to go into production and before market introduction, it needs go through extensive testing to ensure that it meets the CE and FCC standards required by the customer. The necessary testing can be both time consuming and expensive, especially if additional tests are needed.

But these are just some of the reasons to why we are so glad for the new addition in our lab – our very own EMC chamber.

But what exactly is an EMC chamber and how does this benefit our development process and our customers?

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EMC stands for electromagnetic compatibility chamber and is specially designed to create an enclosure with an extremely high level of shielding against electromagnetic intrusion. The chamber is a specialized kind of test equipment used when testing electronic devices. All devices developed and produced by Hectronic must meet and uphold the required standards concerning both radiated and conducted radio frequency emissions and immunity.

No matter how loud you scream inside an EMC chamber, there won’t be any echo. The sound won’t bounce of the walls and it’s the same principle when it comes to radiation inside the chamber. Everything is concealed inside the chamber. EMC chambers are also called anechoic chambers, and the word anechoic simply means “without echo”. The walls, floor and ceiling are all lined with radiation absorbent material that is designed to absorb all sound and radio waves and therefore eliminating all reflection.


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By shielding a device against all outside interference, you can accurately measure the strength of the electromagnetic field that is generated by the device under test. The chamber will give us advantage and Hectronics engineers are now able test the radiated emission or radiated immunity of a device in our lab in Uppsala, during the development process. Depending on what field of industry a device will be operating in, there are different industry standards that determines emission and immunity limits. But there are more applications for an EMC chamber other than radiation testing. You can also test wireless transmitters, antennas, and specific absorption rates.

By being able to do the pre-compliance testing in our lab, we can both shorten the time to market and ensure that the device will pass the final compliance testing.

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