Newsletter December 2023

Stefan Lîf

Santa problem

Where’s Santa, and when will he arrive?

For those of you who celebrate the upcoming festivities with children or still have a young mindset, you have likely faced this question repeatedly, year after year. The solution is available and presented in this newsletter.

Santa should, of course, adapt to the use of a Telematics solution, making everything much easier. There would be higher efficiency in the distribution of gifts and no uncertainty about location or arrival. Hectronic has a lot of experience developing connected products, and we would appreciate the opportunity to build a customized solution for Santa as well. You might think that this is not going to happen since there’s no evidence that Santa exists. Remember, then, that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…

Click for a merrier Christmas,

Christmas Greeting from Hectronic

Happy reading!

Stefan Löf

Managing Director

qseven, h6089, hectronic

Qseven Modules:

– A Compact Solution for Embedded Computing

Qseven is a globally recognized standard, known for its versatility and standardized design approach. Its compact size and modular architecture enhance device efficiency and contribute to ease of maintenance and future upgrades, making it a preferred choice across industries.
The Qseven Computer-on-Module (COM) is used in various applications, including vehicles, medical technology, and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). As the Qseven standard evolves, an increasing number of companies align with the consortium, resulting in a diverse array of modules tailored to specific industry needs.

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Project Update

– Enhanced Telematics Solution

Hectronic recently finalized a project to enhance a telematics solution for a longstanding customer. Focused on cost-effectiveness and adaptability to challenging environmental conditions, the project aimed to create a pragmatic and resilient second-generation solution. This involved strategic decisions such as internalizing antennas and selecting a processor tailored for low-power edge processing. In this update, we’ll look into the technical details of our approach, highlighting our commitment to innovation and reliability in meeting the evolving needs of the market.

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embedded world

Exhibitions 2024

Join us at Embedded World and Embedded Conference Scandinavia in April 2024 to explore innovative solutions and collaborative efforts from Hectronic and discoverIE Group companies. Engage with our experts, experience live demonstrations, and be part of discussions shaping the future of embedded systems. We anticipate meeting you there and sharing in the success of these exhibitions.

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