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Stefan Lîf

Fight the darkness

Where’s the light? This is a question many, especially in Scandinavia, ponder during the long, dark winter. It’s a medical fact that light is necessary for humans and not a negligible parameter for many embedded systems. Hectronic is taking the fight to secure the wellbeing of both.

The fantastic spring light demands higher brightness displays. Hectronic delivers high-quality systems with industrial displays that do the job. Enlighten yourself with the article about industrial displays in this newsletter.

Medical devices are also an area we wholeheartedly embrace, with or without displays. Check out an interesting recent upgrade project further down in this letter.

Finally, I wish you a nice Easter break and hope you come and see me, and the Hectronic team, at the Embedded World exhibition in April. Light will be offered from high-brightness industrial displays, shiny smiles, and some knowledgeable reflections off bald heads.

Happy reading,

Stefan Löf Managing Director

embedded products

Industrial Displays

– Explore the Durability and Versatility of Industrial Displays

Explore the world of industrial displays in our latest feature, highlighting their pivotal role as durable human-machine interfaces in various industrial settings. Unlike commercial displays, industrial versions are crafted to endure harsh conditions, offering unparalleled resilience and functionality.

This article outlines the key differences between industrial and commercial displays, emphasizing the specialized features that make industrial displays indispensable in extreme environments. From technical specifications to future developments, discover how these robust interfaces support critical operations across sectors and what innovations lie ahead in making them smarter and more sustainable. A concise overview for those interested in the backbone of modern industrial technology.

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Project Update

– Custom Medical Board

In our most recent project update, we’re excited to share the development of a customized medical board. Utilizing the Hectronic H6075 module with x86 architecture, this project brings together a carrier board, heat spreader, and M.2 SSD to replace and surpass an older model. Keeping the original’s form, fit, and function was paramount, ensuring a seamless upgrade that enhances features and capabilities, particularly for training hospital personnel. This update is a testament to Hectronic’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art, reliable, and efficient medical technology solutions.

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embedded world

Exhibitions 2024

Click here to explore our upcoming event schedule, including key appearances at Embedded World, Embedded Conference Scandinavia, and Evertiq Expo. Engage with our experts, experience live demonstrations, and be part of discussions shaping the future of embedded systems. We anticipate meeting you there and sharing in the success of these exhibitions.

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