Project Update

Marine Engine Controller

Project Update - Marine Engine Controller

We have recently finished an interesting project with a Swedish maritime company. We were assigned to update and replace a current PLC-solution and the result is a IP56 classified engine controller with a unique design. Here you can read more about the project and have a closer look at the technical details.

Efficient Upgrade and Simplified Installation

Hectronic was assigned to replace a current PLC-solution and to also add some updates and new requirements. One of the most important updates was to make the installation of the computer a lot easier. The current solution was notoriously known for its difficult installation process, with lots of cables needing to be fitted while on the boat. But with the new solution many of those difficulties will be prevented and due to its smaller size also easier to place in relevant spots.

The computers smaller size and unique design does not come without a purpose. A big issue with the current solution was that the cables often broke due to being stepped on or damaged in other ways. That’s where the large characteristic handles come in to protect the cables and other sensitive part from being damaged.

As mentioned, the solution is a marine engine controller, which means it will encounter water sometime during its lifespan and can not be sensitive to its surrounding environment. To ensure that the computer will be able to work without error the option fell on designing it according to IP56 with an operating temperature spanning from -25°C to +55°C. The computer is also IEC 60529 tested and DNV marine type approved.

Finally, but not any less important, is the production cost. The new solution will have a much lower price tag per unit than its predecessor and will give the customer new possibilities and open up to new markets.

Technical Specification

  • Input power protection
  • 2x serial ports galvanically isolated
  • 7 LED lights
  • 2x CAN ports Temp sensor
  • 8x M12 connectors
  • 2x Isolated internal 11V power
  • 2x Analogue 4-20 mA outputs, +5V, galvanically isolated
  • Input power +24V (+50%, -25%)
  • Operating temperature -25°C to +55°C
  • IP 56
  • IEC 60529 Tested
  • IACS E10
  • DNV marine type approved
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