Newsletter February 2023

Stefan Lîf

Climate control(!)

Climate is a word in most peoples mind these days and it yield more than two billion results on the net.

Even our rugged embedded computers can’t control the climate, but we make sure they operate flawlessly in extreme temperatures.

This is a requirement most of our customers have on our products and now we expand our verification capacity with a new climate chamber where we control the temperature between -40 to +180 degrees Celsius.

The climate chamber is one of the updates we write about in this newsletter.

It’s nice to be in control. Happy reading!

Stefan Löf

Managing Director

qseven, h6089, hectronic


– Qseven module with Intel® AtomTM SOC

The H6089 is a powerful yet energy-efficient computer-on-module (COM) that packs a punch in a compact 70mm x 70mm form factor. Based in the Intel Atom Elkhart Lake SoC, it boasts the latest 11th generation intel IHD Graphics Engine GPU, a dual or quad core CPU, an I/O controller, making it a suitable solution for high-performance applications that require low power consumption. Its compact size and versatile capabilities make it an ideal choice for Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing devices including industrial automation, retail and transportation.

Click here to read more about H6089

Climate chamber

New Climate Chamber

Hectronics has invested in a new climate chamber to expand our testing capacity. Climate testing is an essential component of the product verification process at Hectronic, enabling the extension of temperature limits for products and elimination of any substandard boards. The new chamber has a temperature range of +180 C to -42 C and can change temperature at a rate of about 4 C per minute.

Click here to read more our Climate Chamber


Project Update

Discover our latest project update, a custom panel PC – an innovative solution developed to replace an outdated separate computer and display system for operating vehicles. Designed to be IP65-rated and more adjustable to fit a wider range of vehicles, the panel PC offers benefits such as easy installation, reduced administrative workload, and a more consistent approach.

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am62, sitara, embedded systems. embedded computer, development, custom embedded, hectronic

Hectronics latest platform project

Here is a preview of our latest platform project: the development of the new Sitara platform AM62x from Texas Instruments. The Sitara platform AM62x is designed to meet the demands of modern applications, such as vehicle, industrial automation, and medical. With its powerful processor, flexible connectivity options, and support for multiple operating systems, it can handle complex tasks and data-intensive workloads with ease.

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Say Hello to our new Key Account Manager

Fredrik joined the Hectronic team in the beginning of December. He’s been working with sales and complex sale processes for the last 15 years. But before he jumped on the sales train, he worked in the police force in Stockholm.

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