Project Update

Custom Panel PC

Discover our latest project update, a custom panel PC – an innovative solution developed to replace an outdated separate computer and display system for operating vehicles. Designed to be IP65-rated and more adjustable to fit a wider range of vehicles, the panel PC offers benefits such as easy installation, reduced administrative workload, and a more consistent approach. Its unique design requires only one part number, which ensures faster and error-free handling and ordering processes. Plus, it can serve as a common display and computer solution, creating a more homogenous approach across different vehicles and applications. Continue reading to learn more about the technical details and advantages of this ground-breaking project.

Project Update - Custom Panel PC

One of our long-time customers had a current solution that was going end of life. The solution they wanted to replace consisted of a separate computer and display, mounted one by one in the operating vehicle. The solution needed to be rated IP65 due to harsh operating conditions, and they also requested a better mounting option that are more adjustable to fit a wider range of vehicles. Here you can read more about the project and have a closer look at the technical details.

Industrial operator panel for harsh environments

The aim of the project was to replace an existing solution with a separate computer and display. The new solution offers several important advantages over the old one, including easier mounting, reduced administrative workload and a more consistent approach to the use of the display and computer.

One of the key benefits of the new solution is that it is much easier to install in the vehicle. The panel-pc design means that all that is required is to fit the M12 connectors, and the system is ready to use. This is in contrast to the old solution, which required a more complex and time-consuming installation process.

Another important advantage of the new solution is that it only requires one part number. This makes the handling and ordering process much faster and less prone to errors. Additionally, it also reduces the administrative workload associated with ordering and managing multiple different parts.

Finally, the new solution is a platform that can be used as a common display and computer solution in general, creating a more homogenous approach across different vehicles and applications. This will make it easier to maintain and update the system in the future, as well as ensure consistency across the product line.

Technical specification

  • MX8MQ Quad Core CPU
  • 3D and Video acceleration
  • Memory 4GB LPDDR4 (onboard)
  • Storage 16GB eMMC (onboard)
  • 3 x CAN
  • 2 x Ethernet
  • Two different sizes, 10.4” and 15”
  • Ultra-high brightness TFT
  • PCAP Touch
  • Wide input power 9-36 VDC
  • IP 65
  • Passive cooling
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
  • Linux Yocto BSP
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