Strengthening Bonds: Hectronic's Visit to DFI in Taiwan

Hectronic visits new manufacturing site

Hectronic visits DFI

Recently, Hectronic had the opportunity to visit our long-time manufacturing partner, DFI, in Taiwan. The trip was particularly special as travel restrictions in recent years had made it difficult for us to visit as often as we would have liked. It was particularly exciting to tour DFI’s new manufacturing facilities, and conduct our first on-site management meeting in three years.

Managing Director Stefan Löf together with Sales Director Anders Rundqvist, Customer and Supplier Program Manager Gunilla Bergman together with the team from DFI.

Hectronic and DFI have developed a strong partnership over the years, with the latter playing a vital role in the majority of our projects. A testament to this partnership is the Hectronic Room, which can be found at DFI’s previous and current manufacturing site. During our visit, we observed multiple projects in production running parallel in the Hectronic Room, which was a true testament to the efficiency and capabilities of DFI’s manufacturing.

Below, you’ll find some clips and images from our visit to DFI. We are grateful for the continued partnership and look forward to working with DFI on future projects.


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