Hectronic offers a route already traveled at numerous occasions from development to production. Selected manufacturers are treated as strategic partners. Personal contacts are well established. Relations have been tested and proven as rigid specifications from demanding customers have been put into volume production. We know, by experience, what works and what doesn’t.

The most suitable manufacturer enters the project at an early stage in the project to have a positive effect on production already in the concept phase. Since we probably have numerous products already in production based on the architecture in your computer board or system you benefit from our existing business with suppliers of components. Hectronic coordinates component distribution and the quantities are larger than for your product alone and the prices therefore lower.



Production in Taiwan

Today a majority of Hectronics’ suppliers are located in Taiwan. Major component suppliers are heavily represented in the region. Hectronics cooperation with Taiwanese manufacturers goes way back and as production volumes have increased, the relationship between developer and supplier has grown strong.

The Taiwanese suppliers have broad knowledge of Hectronics process platforms as well as extensive experience in production. In addition, they have gathered experience and knowledge from industrialization and production of products based on for example Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7. This is a great complement to Hectronics expertise in project management, development, and adaption for production, which is a benefit for our customers.

Securing deliveries and quality

Over the years we have put great efforts in to fine tuning our procedures and work flows with our suppliers. That includes everything from development, preferred component suppliers to test systems and RMA. We maintain the technical control to ensure highest quality of our customers design and have daily contact with our suppliers in Taiwan and their representatives in Europe.

Taiwan’s large manufacturing industry has also attracted a lot of the leading component suppliers to locate to the same area. This gives us fast access to an extensive supply of components and many opportunities to establish second sources to vital components to our customers products. This becomes extra important when securing deliveries in times of a component shortage.

Our suppliers in Taiwan has excelled when it comes to quality and fulfilment of responsibilities according to our customers’ delivery plans. Hectronic does regular audits with the different manufacturers to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. This is of great importance, especially when it comes to manufacturing solutions according to a certain ISO standards.

The Hectronic room

Our biggest supplier has a whole room dedicated to Hectronic and our different projects.

Click play and have a look!

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