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Since 2011, Hectronic has been a part of the discoverIE Group PLC. It consists of an international group of businesses that designs, manufactures, and supplies highly differentiated, innovative components for electronic components. Together, the group focuses on key markets, mainly renewable energy, transportation, medical, industrial and connectivity solutions.

The Group employs 4,600 people and operates in Europe, China, Sri Lanka, India and North America. discoverIE Group PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Here you can read more about the companies that are a part of the discoverIE Group.


Beacon EmbeddedWorks

Beacon is a provider of embedded solution. With a wide range of innovative SOM modules, they offer full customization, security, and support. Beacon is located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Beacon EmbeddedWorks website


Contour Electronics

Contour is specialized in the manufacturing of cable assemblies and electronics box build solutions. Their headquarters is located in the UK, with additional offices in Hong Kong, Germany and Austria.

Contour Electronics website



Established in 2004, CPI connects academia, businesses, and funders to bring bright ideas and research into the marketplace. Today they are over 450 scientists, engineers, and business specialists that helps companies to develop, prove and commercialize new products and processes.

CPI website


Cursor Controls

Cursor Controls is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of trackballs and HMI solutions. Some of the industries the operate in are medical, defense and aerospace, marine and industrial. Cursor Controls is located in the UK.

Cursor Controls website



Flux designs and manufactures magnetic components and power supplies. They specialize in solutions with high complexity and supply customers whose needs aren’t met by traditional standards. Flux was founded in 1980 and is located I both Europe and Asia, with headquarters in Asnaes in Denmark.

Flux website



Foss was founded in 1984 in Norway. They build fiber optical solutions and fiber optical infrastructure, with customers worldwide. Foss’s headquarters is in Drammen, Norway and they have production facilities in both Norway and Slovakia.

Foss website


Hobart Electronics

Hobart Electronics has manufactured high quality transformers, inductors, assemblies, and power supplies for more than 40 years. Their customers come from a variety of fields, such as medical, industrial, security and automotive. Hobart Electronic has 3 facilities, with headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Hobart Electronics website

limitor logo


Limitor is a supplier of wide variety of sensors, switches and electronic components. They were founded in 1979, with headquarters in Urbach, Germany.

Limitor website



MTC Micro Tech Components GmbH is located in Dilingen, Germany. MTC is a manufacturer of standard and tailored solutions for EMC and thermal management. The have customers all around the world in a variety of industries, such as automotive, avionics, medical, telecom and renewable energy.

MTC website



Myrra was founded in 1949, with headquarters in Paris, France. They have manufacturing facilities in Poland and China. Myrra is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality transformers and inductors for industrial use.

Myrra website



Noratel has supplied customers with high-quality customized transformers and wound components for a wide range of industries for the past 100 years. Their transformers can be found in different applications all around the world: from ship to trains, solar panels, medical devices and cranes. Noratel is located I Hokksund, Norway.

Noratel website

Phoenix america logo

Phoenix America

Phoenix America was founded in 2000 with headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Phoenix America develops and manufactures encoders and sensors, as well as the magnetic compounds and magnetic targets. They supply a whole magnetic solution.

Phoenix America website



Positek is a manufacturer of a large range of sensors, as well as magnets, switches and motor drives.  Positek is a part of Variohm-Eurosensor.

Positek website



RSG develops and manufactures custom switch-mode power supplies and standard DC/DC converters and have customers all around the world.. The company was founded in Germany RSG is merged with our sister company Acal BFi Germany GmbH and operates from Dietzenbach.

RSG website



Santon specializes in switchgear technology. They design and supply switchgear for custom solutions, but also provide standard products. Santons has offices in USA, UK and Germany, headquarters Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Santon website



Sens-Tech develops av manufactures high sensitivity solutions for the detection of light and X-rays. The company was founded in 1950, but has been operating under the name Sens-Tech since 2007. Sens-Tech is located in the UK.

Sens-Tech website



Variohm is a single source supplier of sensors and transducers.

Variohm website

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