Project Update - Customized Medical Board

Hectronics latest product update is about our most recent medical technology project. A customized medical board based on Hectronics H6075, with x86 architecture, completed with carrier board, heat spreader and M.2 SSD. The new solution is to replace an old version, and it was of great importance that the new design kept the same form, fit and function. As a result, the new solution is a significant leap from its predecessor while retaining essential requirements. The update aims to enhance system features and capabilities for applications in training hospital personnel.

The customer requested a customized medical board that could meet meticulous specifications, with particular attention to heat management and environmental considerations. The new solution had to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, retaining the same form, fit and functionality as its predecessor. Several of Hectronics design suggestion were based on already running project within other fields, such as maritime, automotive, and industrial, and is coherent with our Building Block design strategy. This approach to embedded design strategically lowers the risk, and it also speeds up the design process and favorably impacts component cost-efficiency.

Central to this system is the Qseven module H6075, featuring an Intel E3930 dual-core Apollo Lake processor, known for its 1.3 GHz processing prowess. Complementary features include a robust 4 GB DDR3 RAM, high-speed Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and extensive USB interfacing with eight USB 2.0 ports and four PCIe x1 slots. The system is also primed for Windows 10 applications thanks to customized BIOS. The system also incorporates a carrier board with versatile connectivity options. Furthermore, the design ensures compliance with critical EMC, EMI, and ESD standards for safety and reliability in demanding environments.


In the development and production of medical applications, the requirements are significantly stricter, underscoring the critical importance of precision. This approach to medical applications isn’t just about meeting higher standards; in the most severe cases, it could mean the difference between life and death. As part of our commitment to deepen our relationship with our clients, we recently facilitated a visit to our production partner in Taiwan. Hectronic conducts regular audits at our manufacturing sites to ensure full compliance with all necessary standards. However, on this occasion, we invited our client to offer them an in-depth look at our partner’s capabilities. The manufacturing site boasts certification under ISO 13485, exemplifying its expertise in adhering to the rigorous safety measures essential for handling medical applications.

In summary, the bespoke medical board, leveraging Hectronic’s H6075 module, aligns legacy systems with next-gen capabilities, maintaining traditional dimensions while augmenting operational efficiency and training efficacy. A fusion of Hectronic’s cross-industry experience and tailored engineering, this upgrade not only meets the stern medical standards but also reflects our dedication to cost-effective, risk-averse design principles in demanding healthcare environments.

Key features

  • Qseven H6075
  • Intel E3930 dual core Apollo Lake processor, 1.3 GHz
  • 4 GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 8 pcs of USB 2.0 ports
  • 4 pcs of PCIe x1
  • Customized BIOS with readiness for a Windows 10 application
  • Ethernet (POE), I/O, USB, Serial Port, Audio, DisplayPort
  • Power Management
  • Trusted platform module (TPM)

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