The power of Hectronics tollgate process


Just as the name indicates, the project needs to pass a number of gates to reach the finish line. To pass a gate the project needs to meet the pre-determined criteria to move on to the next step. This way of driving a project forward doesn’t leave anything to chance and the team has detailed goals and guidelines to reach each gate. It also reduces the possibility for errors unintentionally slipping by. This is a data-driven approach to project management that focuses on checkpoint metrics and reduces the likelihood of projects failing or being rushed to completion.

When you’re working with a full-custom project it’s important that all tasks are completed and verified before you take the next step. That’s why we have developed a tollgate process with seven steps that to ensure that each project is successful. This is the road all of our custom projects will walk before delivery. Here you’ll find a short brief of each step and what focus the different gates have.

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