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Stefan Lîf

Looking for the Devil

“Yes, this should work.”

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard that in my business or private life. However, it often happens too frequently that it doesn’t work. It could be due to a simple reason that’s easy to adjust or the combination of many rare events that are hard to predict and find. Regardless of the cause, Hectronic has developed a robust, ISO-certified verification and testing methodology over the years, taking care of the details before they become an issue in the field.

Take a minute or two to learn about what we do to ensure that our embedded computers are free from any faulty behavior.

Don’t let the Devil out. Happy reading!

Stefan Löf

Managing Director


Embedded testing

– How it works and why it’s important

Embedded systems are critical components in many industries, including medical, automotive, and military. They are used in products ranging from pacemakers to fighter jets and require extensive testing to ensure their reliability and safety. Embedded testing is a process that involves checking both the software and hardware components of an embedded system for functional and non-functional attributes. This testing process is crucial to ensure that the final product meets the customer’s requirements and is free from defects.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of embedded testing in the development process and how it helps to validate and verify the functionality of embedded systems. We will also explore the different phases of the testing process, including the initial verification phase and production testing phase. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of having an in-house production test system and the importance of maintaining and supporting the test equipment for the long-term.

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H6089 - Get a free sample

Looking for a high-performance computer solution that won’t compromise on energy efficiency? Look no further than the H6089, a game-changing computer-on-module that delivers top-tier power in a compact 70mm x 70mm package. Equipped with the cutting-edge Intel Atom Elkhart Lake SoC and the latest 11th generation Intel IHD Graphics Engine GPU, this versatile module is ready to handle any high-performance task you throw in its way, all while consuming minimal power. Its dual or quad core CPU and I/O controller make it the perfect fit for demanding applications, including those in industrial automation, retail, transportation, and beyond. Whether you’re looking to power an IoT device or an edge computing device, the H6089 is the smart choice for those who demand the best in performance and efficiency. Don’t miss your chance to experience the H6089’s incredible capabilities for yourself.

Please note that the availability of sample boards is limited, so act quickly.

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Project Update

– Military-grade AR system

Hectronic have recently done the finishing touches on a military boxed computer system for a customer specializing in military technology. The request was to update an outdated analogue system to a new and updated digital system. In this project update you can read more about how Hectronic designed and developed a rugged and reliable semi-military boxed computer that allowed the customer to implement AR technology to enhance their operations and improve their ability to make informed decisions.

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