IP67 test at our "lab" in Uppsala

We develop a lot of computers that one time or another will operate in harsh environments. Along with that they need to have a long lifespan and work without fault during that time. This means that the unit needs to be accurately protected from water and dust. All units demands different levels of protection and to ensure that the customers´ demands are fulfilled, the unit will go through a series of IP tests. IP stands for International Protection and specifies how well encapsulated a unit is.

At Hectronic we do pre compliance testing before the units is finally tested at a lab. This is both time- and cost efficient for us and our customers.

In this clip you can see an IP67 test executed in our lab in Uppsala. The unit will be lowered down one meter in the water and then stay there for 30 minutes. Later our engineers will take it out of the water and “reassemble” the unit to see if it kept the water out.

In this case the test was successful and no water breached the unit.

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