Our latest project - a custom i.MX8M platform


Hectronic has developed a new platform based on i.MX8M from NXP. The platform is developed according to our well proven method where we design every part as a reusable building block. This makes it easy for us to develop a full custom solution and still reuse large parts of both hardware and software. This approach has proven very time efficient and also reduces the risk for errors.

Our first i.MX8M project is an operating panel for vehicles in very harsh environments. Hectronic has taken the overall responsibility for the whole project, including electronic design, embedded Linux Board Support Package and mechanical design including a thermal designed passive cooler.

Hectronic also takes the responsibility for type approval, developing production test equipment and product life cycle management. The unit is designed in two different sizes, 10,4” and 15” HMI, with custom PCAP touch screens.

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