Hectronic wins contract for system with AMD Embedded G-Series SOC


Hectronic has won a 1.9 million Euro contract to develop and supply a computer system for an international customer offering audiovisual solutions and products.

Uppsala, Sweden, January 22, 2014:

Hectronic, a specialist in embedded computers, has been awarded a contract to develop and supply a computer system based on the latest low-power processor from AMD. It’s the company’s first custom design based on AMDs new one-chip processor platform. The one and a half year contract is worth 1.9 million Euros. The customer is offering high-end audiovisual solutions on the international market.

Hectronic increases efficiency in development projects by reusing blocks of hardware and software. The strategy is applied in this project. It enables shorter time to pre-series and volume production since the processor platform is included in the library of building blocks in the shape of the H6069 Qseven module. H6069 was released in the autumn of 2013. The contract was signed in September 2013, the 30 unit pre-series has been delivered in January this year and serial production starts in the second quarter. Development and delivery of the computer system include hardware such as computer board, mechanics and cooling solution as well as software with a custom-made BIOS and adapted operating system. “This contract is definitely proof of our competitiveness, particularly when it comes to using building blocks to reach the goal which we have in common with our customers, which is volume production and delivery as fast as possible,” says Anders Rundqvist, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hectronic.

The system is the second generation of embedded computers developed and supplied by Hectronic to the customer. It’s based on a four core processor with 2.0GHz frequency from the AMD Embedded G-Series SOCs. The customer’s application software takes full advantage of multicore processors which means that performance is roughly doubled compared to the previous generation which used a dual core processor.


Anders Rundqvist, Director of Sales and Marketing
Telephone: + 46 18 660 700
Email: anders.rundqvist@hectronic.se
Web: www.hectronic.se

About Hectronic:
Hectronic is the leading provider of embedded computers in the Nordic region and the company is now expanding its sales activities into other European markets. Hectronic develops boards and embedded systems as both standard products and custom solutions. Customers include large OEMs in industrial, military and telecom markets, plus channel partners ranging from systems integrators and design consultants to other solutions providers. Hectronic’s renowned technical expertise has led to the development of numerous products that lead the market in terms of price/performance, small size and low power consumption. The company is currently expanding its standard product offering whilst maintaining a strong engineering capability to assist customers in tailoring its products to specific applications. The designers of Hectronic’s boards and systems provide expert local technical support to customers. Hectronic is owned by Acal BFI Nordic AB, a member of the Acal Group. Acal is a European leader in advanced technology solutions, providing marketing, engineering, design, manufacturing and other services through two divisions: Specialist Electronics and Supply Chain. The Acal Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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