Hectronic signs with two new display suppliers


We’re excited to announce that we have two new display suppliers, Japanese KOE and Taiwanese MWT.

Here you can read the full statement:

Hectronic Welcomes KOE and MWT: New Display Supplier Partners

In the future, the Swedish embedded company’s display solutions will be supplied by Japanese KOE and Taiwanese MWT. A majority of Hectronics customers require custom solutions, so it was of great importance to find a supplier with a wide range of displays and the ability to make modifications and customizations to suite the customers’ requests.

– Both KOE and MWT are suppliers with great industrial focus. Quality, stability, and customizations are key to them. And that is just what we are looking for in a supplier, says Anders Rundqvist, Director of Sales at Hectronic.

Today, displays are included in a great part of the solutions Hectronic develops. The environments these displays will be operating in are getting harsher and require displays with higher IP certifications that are suited for more demanding conditions. Along with a bigger request for displays, the demands on quality and durability are also increasing.

– The market for custom display and touch screen solution has significantly increased the last decade. Displays are a big and important part of Hectronics offer and will undoubtedly continue to be so in the future, says Anders Rundqvist.

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KOE 5.7

IPS displays - Wide view

  • Cutting-edge optical performance
  • Exceptional colour stability and saturation
  • 176° wide viewing angle

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KOE 8.0

Rugged - For harsh environments

  • Strong optical performance
  • High resistant to ESD, mechanical shock and vibration
  • Wide operating temp range -40C to +85C
  • Zero Bright Dot Defect
  • High brightness with long life LED

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KOE 10.2

In-Cell and PCAP touch technology

  • Thinner and lighter touch panel
  • Multi-touch functionality
  • Vertically Integrated supply chain
  • Increase transmission rate and visibility
  • Improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

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KOE 13.3

LTPS displays - Higher resloution

  • High resolution
  • High aperture ratio
  • System on glass
  • Low power consumption
  • Higher brightness with less heat

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