Hectronic H6068

Pinout type 6 with second generation (Steppe Eagle) AMD Embedded G-Series SOC.

H6068, computer on modules, com express modules

H6068 targets applications for harsh environments and in vertical market segments such as Defense, Medical, Transportation, Maritime and Industrial Automation. H6068 has wide input power (+4.75V to +20V). The form factor is COM Express Compact and the pinout is type 6. H6068 is based on the second and third generation AMD Embedded G-series SOC which is both Dual and Quad-Core single-chip processor with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8000E graphics.


  • AMD G-series SoC
  • Quad/dual core CPU
  • Compact COM Exp, type 6
  • Industrial temp. (optional)



Industrial temperature range
-40°C to 85°C

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