Hectronic H6068

Pinout type 6 with second generation (Steppe Eagle) AMD Embedded G-Series SOC.

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H6068 targets applications for harsh environments and in vertical market segments such as Defense, Medical, Transportation, Maritime and Industrial Automation. H6068 has wide input power (+4.75V to +20V). The form factor is COM Express Compact and the pinout is type 6. H6068 is based on the second and third generation AMD Embedded G-series SOC which is both Dual and Quad-Core single-chip processor with integrated AMD Radeon HD 8000E graphics.


  • AMD G-series SoC
  • Quad/dual core CPU
  • Compact COM Exp, type 6
  • Industrial temp. (optional)



Industrial temperature range
-40°C to 85°C

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