Prototyping, test and verification


To ensure a high product quality a series of test activities are part of the project from concept phase to production. The concept phase of the embedded design project sometimes involves modelling to evaluate ideas and technology. The model is a part of the creative work in the concept phase but also verifies that the concept has the possibility to meet functional requirements in the application.

The selected production unit produces prototypes that are subject to further testing. Prototypes are tested internally verifying the hardware design against functional specifications and external test houses qualify the product for CE certification, EMC, military or other regulations.
After verification and qualification pre series production starts. The customer is able to use samples to independently test and prove the prototype against requirements in the actual system and environment.

In this stage Hectronic test engineers have been engaged in development of tests systems for production. The test system is used in the production line. Test results for computer boards or systems are remotely monitored, evaluated and stored to keep track of production quality over time.

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