Life span and components

Life cycle management

To find a combination of hardware and operating system in the embedded PC that is available and stable for an industrial lifetime of up to fifteen years is not easy. While a consumer computer usually has the next generation launched every six months, an embedded computer is sometimes expected to have a life span up to twenty times that long. The evolution moves quickly and all different components included in an embedded solution needs to be professionally handled. Hectronic carefully selects components specified for embedded applications giving up to seven years lifetime.

Deep insight into the lower layers of the platform gives control over hardware updates. Changes in hardware can be made without the need for major updates in the application software as a consequence. Hectronic offers full control of BIOS and BSP to re-establish hardware and software interoperability.

Computer boards at Hectronic are built around a limited range of architectures. You will not find boards with any architecture but the ones we have are carefully selected for long life. As part of a long-term commitment to our customers we see to it that the computer boards developed by us have suitable successors already in place when they grow out of date.

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