Designing certified systems

Approval and certification - Vital necessities

Regulatory approvals testing and certification is often an important part in system development. These aspects need to be taken in consideration from the start of the design and throughout the project. Hectronic has extensive experience in both designing certified systems and successfully managing the test and certification process.

We’ve been in the driver’s seat when our designs have been successfully approved and certified according to demands from markets such as Automotive, Rolling stock, Power and Aviation. And did you know that packaging solutions are part of our thorough test procedures to ensure quality and functionality when the product reaches the customers of our customer’s, worldwide.

Test houses

EMC and Electrical safety are part the requirements for CE certification and e-type approval for the automotive applications. Hectronic cooperates with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in testing for EMC and Electrical safety requirements. Usually we have personnel onsite during tests at their site in Borås, Sweden.

Innventia (former Packforsk) is since many years the test house of our choice for vibration and climate testing. Some climate tests are performed in our own climate chamber. In this facility at our office in Uppsala embedded boards and systems are tested in temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +180ºC and in a relative humidity between 20% and 90%.

Precompliance testing

Initially an investigation is performed to determine applicable standards and requirements and the included test procedures that are required prior to product launch. There is of course a degree of uncertainty whether the product will pass the tests or not. To minimize the risk of a costly second round of compliance testing our suggestion is often to perform precompliance tests. It’s a series of shorter tests, often more demanding than what’s required. The result is a valuable indication on what result to expect from the full compliance testing.

These are some of our areas of knowledge and experience:

Test – Certification
• Vibration
• Climate
• Electrical Safety
• e-type approval
• CE
• UL

• Rolling Stock
• Automotive
• Power
• Defense
• Medical
• Aviation
• Marine

Protection during transportation

Last but not least, we cooperate with SCA and Innventia to ensure that your products are protected during shipment to end users. SCA is involved in designing a packaging solution adapted to the size, weight and shape of the product. Vibration test, Drop test, Compression test and Horisontal impact test at Innventia ensures that the package protects the product and it’s functionality from the expected strains of transportation. So rest assure that Hectronic will manage the tedious tasks of testing, certification all the way to final approval and further on to a quality protection of what’s in the actual package delivered to your customers.

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