IEC60945/IACS E10 standards

The regulatory requirements in maritime and offshore applications are defined by the standards IEC60945 for maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems and the IACS E10 test specification for marine type approval.

Requirements include the following main areas:
• Electro Magnetic Compatibility
   – Radiated and conducted emission
   – Radiated and conducted susceptibility
   – Electrostatic discharge
   – Compass safe distance
• Operating temperature ranges
   – +5°C to +55°C up to -25°C to +70°C
• Shock and vibration
   – Propeller vibration and wave slamming
• Corrosion from exposure to salt mist
• IP Code for protection against water, dust or objects coming in contact with hazardous parts in the system
The IEC-60945 specifies four different product categories. Products are categorized based upon their location on board and requirements and test cases are adapted accordingly. The categories are:
• Portable
• Protected
• Exposed
• Submerged
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