Project Update - Cryptographic appliance

Presenting a Custom Cryptographic Communication Device – an innovative solution designed for optimized functionality and enhanced security within a 19” 1u rack configuration.

Equipped with an array of features, this communication device boasts smart card readers, multiple Ethernet ports, and a rubber keyboard that provides exceptional flexibility in usage. Its innovative design extends to intrusion detection, where a dedicated Trusted platform module (TPM) ensures robust security measures are in place.
The device’s housing is engineered to resist corrosion, fortified with a salt-water tested sleek, matte finish for longevity and durability. With a temperature range of -40°C to 70°C, it is primed to function reliably in diverse environments.

Power and cooling efficiency have been paramount considerations in its development. The built-in power supply and optimized fan system work in tandem to maintain consistent performance while preventing overheating. The device’s internal architecture features an 8-core Intel i7 CPU with a Q370 chipset and 2xSODIMM slots, ensuring robust processing capabilities.

MTBF is calculated to be over 40,000 hours at 25°C under normal use, it promises sustained reliability over an extended lifespan.
In essence, this application is a testament to thoughtful engineering, tailored to meet the demands of modern communication infrastructure while prioritizing security, adaptability, and durability.

Cryptographic Communication Device, hectronic

Key features

  • Custom 19” rack mount chassis
  • Custom motherboard with eight core Intel Core i7 CPU
  • Dual gigabit fibre connections
  • Custom cooling solution
  • Custom BIOS with intrusion detection and other security features
  • Front panel with smart card readers, custom keypad, and display
  • Anti corrosive chassis and paint
  • CE marked
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