Vision System Fanless Embedded Box PC with 6th / 7th Generation Intel® Core™ Desktop Processor and
PCIe(x16) + PCIe (x1)

boxer-6841M back

The BOXER-6841M is designed for AI@Edge and machine vision applications.

Different models feature either PCIe(x16) slots for NVIDIA GPUs – perfect for AI@Edge applications – or PCIe(x8) slots for frame grabber cards. Users can also choose between Intel® Celeron or high-performance Xeon CPUs.

To fulfill the power requirements of high-level GPUs, the BOXER-6841M incorporates a smart design feature: Two 12Vdc power inputs. This feature lowers costs and makes the system more stable by reducing the level of wasted heat.

The BOXER-6841M also boasts a number of AI@Edge features, including five Intel® LAN chips, dual removable HDD, and dual mSATA slots.


  • Support 6th / 7th Core-i desktop processor, Max 65W
  • Intel® H110 PCH
  • Easy Installation design for expand slot
  • Support PCIe[x16] x1, PCIe[x1] x1
  • Support up to max 180W Graphic Card
  • System Fan with PWM function



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